Wedding Flower Trends for 2022


Despite the uncertainty engaged couples have experienced throughout the past two years, when it comes to wedding arrangements, one focal feature remains just as important as ever – truly breath-taking bouquets and flower arrangements.

For couples marrying this year, that could mean excessive lush greenery, unexpected colour pairings or any of the other big wedding flower trends expected for 2022.

Here are some of the key trends in wedding flower arrangements expected to gain traction this year.

Greenery Galore

The greenery and foliage trend certainly isn’t new for 2022, however its popularity doesn’t seem to be decreasing any time soon – Especially for couples seeking a quintessentially boho-chic look for their nuptials.

Seasonal foliage and grass arrangements with minimalist neutral toned flowers intermingled throughout create a relaxed atmosphere for guests, radiating the warmth and comfort of a summer meadow. 

Peculiar Colour Pairings

Unique, unexpected colour pairings will be another popular trend for 2022, which is perfect for couples who prefer to stand out from the crowd and want their wedding flowers to diverge from tradition so their personalities can shine through.

According to Vogue Australia the colour palette for 2022 will be dramatic and luxurious, with purples and reds taking centre stage as brides seek to make a floral statement of appreciation for the freedoms and beauty of nature following the pandemic.

Perfectly Imperfect

Flower arrangements and bouquets that mimic the natural unpredictability of how flowers grow in the wild are to be embraced widely by couples in 2022.

We can expect to see floral centrepieces and table settings arranged with a natural, organic feel that gives off more of an artistic vibe than a structured look.

Extra Texture

Experimenting with extravagant, contrasting textures is a trend set to take 2022 by storm, with couples becoming open to more imaginative finishes than classics such as a hydrangea and rose posy. 

Think bold shades mixed with pastel hues, soft petals with striking foliage shapes, and focus-drawing flowers like carnations set besides delicate blooms like cornflowers – And every other contrasting combination in between.

Preserved Flower Arrangements for Weddings

Whether one of these trends has taken your fancy or you’ve got something else in mind for your own wedding, our creative team can create bespoke preserved flower arrangements and bouquets that are perfect for your special day.

Whatever your setting, colour scheme, or unique requirements are, we can tailor make a floral solution specific to our needs, just get in touch with us to discuss your plans.

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