Wedding Flower Predictions For 2024

Planning a wedding is an undeniably exciting process that is filled with decisions, with one of the most exciting decisions being which flowers you choose to adorn your venue.

The predictions for wedding flower trends for the next year promises a wonderful change, that will hopefully inspire your planning for your big day. 

Sustainable Flowers for your Wedding 

In line with the increasing consciousness surrounding environmental impacts, sustainable blooms are set to take centre stage in 2024. With this rise in awareness, expect to see locally sourced, seasonal flowers. As well as this, there may be an increase of creative repurposing of blooms throughout the wedding events, with flowers from the ceremony being reused at the reception for example. 

Bold and Vibrant Hues

Wave goodbye to muted tones, as couples are predicted to embrace more striking colours such as deep purples, electric blues and fiery oranges. These shades add a dramatic flair to the wedding ambiance and create a stunning contrast against a traditional white wedding dress.

Statement Installations

From suspended floral chandeliers to cascading arches, another prediction is the larger-than-life creations that will overtake the wedding scene. The expectation is that florists will be in-demand for these beautiful installations, especially for floral backdrops for ceremonies and receptions.

Dried and Preserved Flowers

These are hoping to make a comeback in 2024, with the rustic appeal not only being a charming addition, but also as a wonderful keepsake idea. From bouquets to table centerpiece ideas, dried and preserved flowers are a symbol of everlasting love (and are also eco-friendly).

Personalised Touches 

Weddings in 2024 will look to focus on personalisation and encapsulate the nature of the couple. This could manifest through more unique, sentimental flower arrangements, such as flowers from a first date or from places they have travelled together.

Unexpected Greenery

There may be an unexpected addition of more unique foliage such as olive branches, asparagus ferns, and tropical leaves within flower arrangements in 2024. These different green elements can add texture and depth to flower combinations, for an organic ambiance.

The 2024 wedding flower scene seems as though it will bloom with creativity. These trend predictions promise a year of one of a kindarrangements that prioritise individuality and vibrancy that suit a couple’s personal style. We are excited to see what the biggest flower trends will be for next year’s lovebirds!

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