Wedding Bouquet Guide

While you might have to eventually say goodbye to it at the bouquet toss, it’s important to take some time to choose which flowers you would like to include in your posy of bridal flowers.

Bridal bouquets come in a variety of styles and colours to complement your wedding décor and of course, your dress - or alternative wedding outfit, since bridal suits are also becoming popular).

To help you decide, we’ve put together a wedding bouquet guide telling you everything you need to know, from colours to floral varieties and everything in between.

How to Choose Your Wedding Bouquet 

Picking your Flowers

What flowers do you need for a wedding in the UK and how do you pick a wedding bouquet? Decide on a style that fits with the rest of your décor; a well-coordinated wedding includes clothing, décor and flowers.

Take into account what your bridesmaids are wearing when putting your bouquet together, and you can even wrap your bouquet in the same material as the dresses to tie the look together.

Flowers to Avoid

Traditionally, bridal bouquets are said to bring good fortune, but there may be some blooms you’d rather avoid, depending on how superstitious you are. In some cultures, the scented, delicate peony is said to represent anger.

Superstitions aside, peonies are actually one of the least recommended flowers to have in a bouquet, as they tend to bruise easily. Other delicate blooms to avoid include hellebores, astilbe and lilacs, which all tend to wilt quickly.

Pollen-heavy flowers like poppies can stain wedding dresses, while daffodils release a toxic sap that can kill off other flowers, so avoid these when putting your bridal bouquet together.

Bouquet Checklist

You might be wondering: how many bouquets does a bride need? More than one, if you are counting bouquets given as floral gifts. In addition to flower arrangements for the reception and ceremony itself, you may wish to also budget for:

  • Your own bouquet
  • The bridesmaid’s bouquets
  • Flower girl petals
  • Boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen
  • Corsages for parents and grandparents

When deciding on personal floral arrangements, you might consider wedding party flowers etiquette. Personal blooms make a lovely gift and act as a way to acknowledge family members and friends with traditionally important roles, such as the best man or bride’s mother.

Bouquet Styles

You can choose from traditional bouquet styles like a pageant (or presentation) bouquet, which has long stems and fits in the crook of your arm rather than your hands, or you can choose a small wedding bouquet like a nosegay, which is a posy of flowers accented with greenery.

Popular wedding flowers 2022 include rich purple palettes, cascading blossoms and fluorescent pastels, as well as regency-inspired English garden bouquets (the perfect choice for a period drama-themed wedding).

Browse through our Arrangements or Instagram feed today for some inspiration or get in touch with us directly to discuss your custom arrangement requirements – make your bouquet or gift last longer with the Magic Flower Company.

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