Ways to Display Flowers at Home

Ways to Display Flowers at Home

Normally, a vase is the go-to vessel for picked flowers, but you shouldn’t settle for the basic container. Think outside the box and get creative with the ways you display your flowers around the house.


Do you have some teacups laying around in the back of your kitchen cupboards? Clean them, give them a revamp and fill them up with some dainty blooms and colourful, wild flowers. Because teacups are quaint little ornaments, you can dot them around the house and add a little charm to any one of your rooms.

Mason Jars

Recycling and reusing mason jars and jam jars are a great alternative to your usual vase, and can bring out your creative side. Painting and decorating them can ensure that they fit your colour scheme and bring out your personality, all the while beautifully displaying your cut flowers. Placing them near the light, like on a window sill or coffee table, will really bring them to life.


Not just for drinks, a pitcher can provide the perfect way to display your fresh flowers. Whether it’s a simple glass one or a white, patterned farmhouse jug, your big bunch of blooms will flourish and pop in a pitcher.


Who knew that such a basic kitchen accessory could transform into a creative way to display flowers? They are perfect for planting as they already have drainage holes! Just line the colander with a hanging basket liner and fill with potting grit and compost. Then, plant your flowers and voila!

In addition to these alternative ways to display your flowers, there is an easier option: look through our collection of arrangements. All of our bouquets come in the quirky vases that they are pictured in, so make sure you have a browse today!

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