Valentine’s Day Decorations for Your Home


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and although it’s not for everyone, you can have some fun with it. Inject some love into your home with some romantic decorations and surprise your significant other and make them smile.

Contemporary Floral Valentine’s Décor

Classic Valentine’s Bouquet

As February 14th is the most popular day for gifting flowers, there is no way you can go wrong with a romantic bouquet. A decoration in itself, you can display and show off arrangements together with giving them as a present to your loved one. Our Rose Dome for example would make a huge statement in your living room and intensely exude romance.

Creative Handmade Floral Wreaths

Welcome your other half home with a romantic floral wreath hanging on the door. Use the Deep Red Premium Roses and foliage found in the Passion Hand Tied Bouquet and create your own unique Valentine’s Day wreath. With our Magic Flowers, it will keep on reminding your partner of your love for months to come.

Floral Tabletop Tokens

Are you planning a special meal for the two of you? If you want to set the scene and create an atmosphere full of romance, decorating your dining table with Valentine’s Day gestures is the perfect idea. Make sure the candles are lit and you have chosen a beautiful red tablecloth and, finally, don’t forget the roses. Magic Rose in a Porcelain Vase would be the ideal finishing touch, whether you choose one or two roses.

Other Valentine’s Day Decorations & Gifts

At the Magic Flower Company, we have a wide range of gifts and arrangements to choose from that are perfect for this romantic time of year. Browse our gift boxes section and have a look for yourself; you could even use some of these rose heads as decorations around your house.

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