Transitional Colour Palette from Autumn to Winter

Transitional Colour Palette from Autumn to Winter

Coming to the end of November, we are now in the transitional period between Autumn and Winter. If you are one to keep up with the colour trends of the seasons, you will be eager to know what shades we have chosen to help you shift into the winter period.

As an added bonus, we have also paired some of our beautiful Magic Flowers with the chosen hues, so you can carry this through into your interior. 

What Colours Are Best for Transitioning to Winter?

Bold, Burnt Orange

With the sunsets drawing in and the leaves turning, orange is an obvious autumnal shade but also helps us ease into winter too. The warmness of orange that emulates a cosy fire brings the comfiness during these colds months and will warm up your interior to create a snug sanctuary and space.

Transitional Colour Palette from Autumn to Winter

What better arrangement to choose for this period than Sunset, an arrangement designed with the horizon in mind. Filled to the brim with dark red preserved leaves and Red Solidago foliage, surrounding Orange Premium Magic Roses and protea flowers, it is warm and cosy, just what you’re looking for.

Beautiful Burgundy

Another fiery tone for the transition, burgundy is also a colour accent of the sunset and log burner we yearn for through these seasons. However, this palette can easily transition into the festive period of December. A deeper shade of red, burgundy has the ability to evolve from a warm autumn shade into the celebrated red for Christmas. 


Transitional Colour Palette from Autumn to Winter

The Dusk Foliage Bouquet is bursting with burgundy and beautiful festive features. An extravagant mix of Red Willow Eucalyptus combined with deep Red Solidago are giving us the ideal burgundy fix. Blend these with sprigs of dried Pampas Grass and you’ve got yourself the perfect Christmas centrepiece and decoration.

Royal Purple 

Imagine you’re looking up into a clear night autumn sky, that’s the magical purple we are referring too. Yes, the evenings have drawn in considerably, but let’s appreciate this by indulging ourselves in some magnificent purple hues. A colour palette so regal, it can standalone and bring us a luxurious pop of colour throughout some of our grey days during both Autumn and Winter.

Transitional Colour Palette from Autumn to Winter


Simple yet striking, our Heartstrings arrangement emulates the dark and mysterious purple palette we are referring to for this transition. Arranged in a small opaque black bottle, the magenta Eucalyptus is a luxurious purple hue and paired with pale creamy roses, it makes both colours stand out amongst the interior.

Classic Creamy White

Of course, it doesn’t have to be all about colour this time of year, neutrals bring an elegant touch to our interiors too. Instead of a bright white, opt for a creamy colour instead to achieve the best transitional palette between the seasons.

Transitional Colour Palette from Autumn to Winter


At Magic Flower Company, we offer premium gift boxes that contain 6 Premium Magic Roses with 30cm long stems. Great as gifts but also just as good as a treat for yourself to display in your home. On their own or to complement other shades, an off-white is a classic colour that you can’t go wrong with.

Autumn to Winter Flower Arrangements by Magic Flower Company 

Now you know how to successfully transition between seasons in a stylish and striking way, why not opt for blooms that last for even longer? Maybe even throughout spring and summer too!

Have a look round our shop today for more inspiration and flower arrangements that would look great in your home.

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