Transition Into Autumn with Preserved Flowers

While there is no shortage of fresh-cut flowers in the summer, things begin to change as we transition into autumn. Fewer species bloom at this time of year, so it is great idea to transition to preserved flowers, something that we offer here at The Magic Flower Company.

Here, we explore some ways you can transition to autumn preserved flowers.

Choose Flowers That Reflect the Season

When autumn arrives, it’s fun to change your decór to reflect the change in the season. One of the ways you can do this is by including Autumn preserved flowers in your home. Good options include our magic roses, woodland foliage, lavender springs, mixed sprigs, gypsophila, and stems, like peppermint eucalyptus. These all help to get you into the autumn spirit.

Remember, roses will actually grow all year round in some temperate climates, including during warmer UK winters. As such, adding them to your home can help it feel more seasonal. Don’t forget, we offer a range of vases for them, too, so you can always make your display look perfect.

Choose the Right Colours

Once you’ve decided on the type of flower, the next step is to choose colours that evoke autumnal feelings. Popular choices include red, orange, brown and yellow. Fortunately, you’ll find all of those rose colours in our collection.

These colours help to cement the fact that the seasons are changing, particularly when you use them together. Orange is powerful, especially later in the season.

If these colours seem a little too bright, we offer bespoke flower arrangements that combine roses with neutral preserved foliage. This way, you can bring pops of floral colour to your interiors without overpowering your displays.

Display Autumn Flowers Where They Will Have Maximum Impact

Preserved flowers will last for months, if not years, and won’t wilt. Therefore, you can confidently place yours where they will have the most impact.

Here are some ideas for where you could put them for autumn:

● A table in your entrance hall

● The mantelpiece in your living room

● A dining room sideboard

● The kitchen table

● On a console table in your bathroom

● In an arrangement or wreath above your mirrors

You can see how your displays might look in our hand-tied bouquet collection. Good examples of autumnal arrangements include our Woodland Foliage Bouquet, Riverbank Bouquet, and Ned Bouquet. You can also order bespoke preserved flower arrangements, a tailor-made solution to meet all your autumnal floral needs.

Complement Your Preserved Flowers

Lastly, consider complementing your autumnal preserved flower arrangements by making other changes to your décor. Why not put some flower and foliage arrangements in a woven basket or place gourds and pumpkins around your home to change the mood?

If you're looking for the perfect preserved flower arrangement this autumn, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Magic Flower, who will be happy to help. 

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