Traditional Vs. Modern Floral Arrangements

Times have changed and trends have been evolving over the years, so we have decided to explore the difference between traditional and modern floral arrangements.

Traditional Floral Arrangements


Traditional Floral Arrangements

By sticking with one species of flower in the same colour, this creates a classic statement that stands the test of time. One of the most simple, traditional and striking floral arrangements is a set of red roses. Simplicity is all you need and with our Magic Roses, you can make this traditional floral arrangement last for longer.


Traditional Floral Arrangements

Just like sticking with one species, choosing one colour for your floral arrangement makes a huge statement too. Different hues of one colour brings harmony to your bouquet or choosing different blooms in the same shade reflects the traditional floral design of minimalism.

Three-Tiered Arranging

Traditional Floral ArrangementsThree-tiered arranging is a traditional method that is still used in the modern day. Using long-stem flowers, you place the tallest one in the vase, then you cut the stems of half of the remaining flowers therefore creating the second tier. The last tier consists of the other half of flowers which are cut even shorter to form a border around the lip of the vase.

Modern Floral Arrangements

Combination and Variety

Modern Floral Arrangements

In the modern day, the boundaries have been broken and colour combinations have no limits. By mixing together numerous blooms and foliage, as well as a multitude of colours, modern floral arrangements can be bigger and better than ever. Creating beautiful contrast and combining different textures, you can make an incredible impact.

Unusual Vases

Modern Floral Arrangements

Modern floral arrangements explore more creative ways to display your bouquets. Whether it’s fruit-lined vases, teacups or vintage milk bottles, you can craft beautiful and unique arrangements to match your sense of style and your home décor. Add charm and an extra dimension by thinking outside of the box with your modern floral arrangement.

Boho Floral Arrangements

Modern Floral Arrangements

Boho has been the trend for many years now, and it is not dying down any time soon. By choosing flowers that you would normally find in your garden and picking subtle pastel hues can create a charming bouquet. Match this style with your vase and add plenty of foliage, and you’ve got yourself a boho arrangement.

Whatever style you decide to incorporate into your home décor, there are no limits when it comes to creativity and your floral arrangement. Have a browse through our arrangements or Magic flowers and foliage today to create something spectacular.

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