Traditional Christmas Flowers and Plants

Traditional Christmas Flowers and Plants

Festive flowers and plants are the perfect way to get you in the Christmas spirit! Whether you give them as a gift or decorate your home with them, there’s a huge variety of species you can choose from. Here are some of our favourites that we love to see at Christmas:


Everybody knows that mistletoe is the festive plant that you can use to steal a kiss. Hang from your doorway or add to your Christmas floral arrangement, this delicate plant can bring subtle touches to your Christmas décor. 


Poinsettias are one of the most iconic Christmas flowers and they are brought out in bulk over the festive period. Rich red leaves paired with deep greenery, the poinsettia is the epitome of Christmas and a classic choice for a gift. 


With its prickly, waxy leaves and bright red berries, there is no wonder that holly is a classic Christmas plant. Although grown all year round, it is extremely prominent during Christmas time and is often used as both interior and exterior decorations.


“The Holly and the Ivy” is a much-loved, traditional Christmas carol which consequently names ivy as a traditional Christmas plant. Ivy is known for its reputation of taking over spaces when growing, so by purchasing preserved ivy is a much better choice for decoration.


With its trumpet and bell-shaped flowers, the amaryllis is a more exotic choice but still a festive plant for households this Christmas. They come in a variety of colour so you can go down the traditional Christmas colour scheme with white and red or go outside the box with a more vibrant selection.


Finally, roses are one of the most classic flowers which are also closely correlated with Christmas; their bright red petals and dark green stems are the perfect colour combination and statement piece for Christmas. Add some romance to your festive decorations.

Which flower will you choose for Christmas this year? Our Magic Roses will last throughout the whole season, take a look today.

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