Top Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Home

Top Long-Lasting Flowers for Your Home

It is without a doubt that everyone loves to receive a bunch of flowers and appreciates a beautiful bouquet displayed in the home. However, it is well-known that fresh flowers don’t have a very long life span, even when they are well looked after. If you want your blooming vase to last longer, choose from these florals that can naturally last longer than a week.

Long-Lasting Flowers for Indoors

Clematis and Delphiniums

Are you looking for some bright coloured flowers for your living room this spring? Clematis display a variety of vibrant colours from pink to purple and red to blue, so you can choose the perfect shade for you.

Or, you could choose delphiniums as they are well-known for their stunning blue and purple tones. Both of these species will stay fresh for around two weeks as long as they are well looked after and kept away from fresh produce. 


Also lasting for at least two weeks, and can often make it up to three weeks, are carnations. With their frilly and voluminous texture along with an assortment of colours, they can fill a vase and create an eye-catching display in your home.

These classic flowers are versatile and with a lengthy vase life, you will get to enjoy them for longer! Remember to remove any fallen leaves of petals from the water because otherwise there will be an increase in bacteria which will reduce the lifespan of the carnations. 


Chrysanthemums are one of the best choices if you want long lasting flowers in your home. This is because not only do they come in a wide range of colours and last between 25 to 30 days, but there are also so many different varieties of the species.

From single chrysanthemums to anemones, spider blooms to pompoms, you can find the ideal bloom that matches your personality and décor. They are high maintenance however, so you will need to change the water and trim the stems on a daily basis in order for them to reach maximum life span.


Orchids are well-known for oozing sophistication and elegance and for lasting up to three weeks when cut and displayed in a vase. By changing the water every two days and trimming the stems, your luxurious arrangement will last for a long time.

If you keep your orchids potted and in a cool room avoiding any fresh produce, they can last even longer for up to three months! No matter what orchids you choose, whether you prefer cymbidium or phalaenopsis orchids, they provide impressive vase lives if you look after them.

Long Lasting Roses and Magic Flowers 

As you can see, there are plenty of flower species that you can choose from which will make your bouquet last for longer. However, why not choose some blooms that are guaranteed to last for up to a year?

Completely natural flowers that retain their colour and beauty for 12 months, our Magic Flowers and Arrangements are the perfect alternative to fresh flowers. Take a look at our collection today!

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