Top Flowers for Your Summer Bouquet 2020

Top Flowers for Your Summer Bouquet 2020

Summertime is well and truly here, and what better way to celebrate this vibrant season than with a beautiful summer bouquet.

But what blooms should you choose? Here are some of the best flowers we’ve picked for your arrangement.

Magic Flower’s Top Summer Picks


Daisies are known for cropping up during June and July and boy do they make you smile. Nostalgia kicks in with memories of making daisy chains whilst sitting in the back garden with friends. Why would you not want to be reminded of that? Choose some big, joyful Shasta Daisies for your bouquet to make it sing.


We know these are an obvious choice, but you can’t say summer without a sunflower. Big, bright and beautiful, in essence they represent the sun which is what we all love the most about this season. Sunflowers really are a timeless classic and, if you trim them properly, they can stay fresh in a bouquet for days.


These are one of the blooms that will steal the show in an arrangement. Bouncy and voluminous, they fill out a bouquet no matter what colour you choose or what variety so if you want a plumper look, this is the flower for you. Remember though, they need to be kept hydrated and out of direct heat, so make sure your display is in a suitable spot.


A lovely, lilac addition to your summer bouquet, lavender is a great choice to pair with any kind of flower. A colour and scent like no other, use it as a filler flower but be prepared for it to stand out amongst the crowd – or in this case, the arrangement. Lavender is probably not a flower you’d think of displaying inside, but you’ll thank use when you do. 


Spiky and striking, the petals of dahlias are truly magnificent and make a dramatic appearance during the summer months. Their eye-catching blooms and strong stems make them the perfect choice for a summer bouquet. With such a wide variety to choose from, so many shapes, sizes and colours to pick, which ones will you decide on? 


Obviously, we had to pick roses too! The Magic Flower Company’s favourite flower, we believe roses belong in every kind of bouquet – especially our Magic Roses. They actually start blooming in mid-June, so they are the ideal summer choice! However, with our Magic Roses, they will last throughout the entire year so choose from our collection today.

Summer Bouquets from Magic Flower 

Have you had a look at our collection of arrangements? All of our flowers will last for up to a year, no matter what you choose, so have a browse and pick your favourite one for a summertime display.

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