Think Outside the Vase This Birthday

Think Outside the Vase This Birthday

What are you getting your loved ones for their birthday this year? Flowers in a vase – How original!

Think outside the vase and gift them with something completely original that is sure to make them smile. It also saves them rooting around in their cupboards for a vase or vessel to display your bouquet in.

Alternative and Original Vase Ideas

Customised Cans

Once you’ve finished eating your tinned goods, don’t throw out the cans or recycle them – upcycle them instead. Give them a good clean and remove the label, unless it’s a funky design, and voila! For additional flair, you could spray paint them or cover them with wrapping paper, so you end up with a completely original, shabby chic vase.

Wine Bottles 

Another option that comes from your kitchen: empty wine bottles. Commonly seen in restaurants used as candle holders or indeed vases, you can ooze sophistication and elegance with this gift. Again, wash out thoroughly and remove the label, if necessary, and decorate with some accessories such as lace or glitter to make it unique and creative.

Enchanting Tea Set 

Two gifts in one, a tea set and a vase for your friend. You could purchase a teapot, cup and saucer set that matches your loved one’s style down to a ‘tea’ and fill it with their favourite blooms. You will have to choose blooms with stems that you can cut down low, but they will look so quaint and charming in this distinctive vessel which can be used for a cuppa afterwards!

Watering Cans & Buckets

Heading out into the garden now, you can bring your bouquet back to its origin by displaying it in a watering can or a bucket. Bring the outside in and create an urban house garden for your friend this year! Rustic and bohemian, you can find the perfect stylish tin watering can or personalise a metallic bucket that will stand out in their living room.

Wellington Boots

Finally, we bet you never thought of using wellington boots as a vase before! Watertight and tough enough to sustain a large amount of water for your flowers, they create an unusual yet fun vase alternative. If you want your loved one to use the wellies after, put a water bottle in there instead to put your flowers in so they can definitely still be worn.

Complete Flower Arrangements from the Magic Flower Company

Now you’ve sorted out your vase, you have to pick your flowers! Take a look through our wide range of beautiful arrangements and hand tied bouquets to pick the perfect one for your gift. Or, if you can’t choose a vase, all of our arrangements come in the vase pictured so you don’t have to worry.

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