The Meaning of the White Rose

The Meaning of the White Rose


There are so many different colour varieties of roses and they all have different meanings behind them. Alongside the red rose, another classic colour is the white rose, so we wanted to explore the history and meaning behind it.

All About the White Rose

History, Legends and Myths

Apparently, according to a myth, the first rose was a white rose which then manifested into other colours; this is why it is commonly referred to by historians as the mother of all roses.

In Greek mythology, it was claimed that all roses were white until the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, drew blood after touching a thorn when picking a rose. The blood trickled and turned them red. However, in Christianity, it was said that the white rose was a symbol of joy and purity as they were a reflection of Virgin Mary, the Mystical Rose of Heaven.

Later down the line in history, the white rose became a symbol of peace, honour and loyalty in many events. This included the War of the Roses, the conflict between the House of Lancaster and the House of York in the 15th Century, where the white and red roses were eventually united.

The True Essence and Beauty

A white rose is seen as pure beauty because it is immaculately unspoiled. It is a gentle reminder that beauty comes from the inside and doesn’t require any other additional substance to enhance this.

As well as pure beauty, it also reminds us of the purest form of eternal love that is more powerful than anything else. Gratitude, humility, compassion and empathy are all embodied by the white rose.

Symbolism Within Relationships

As mentioned before regarding historical events, the white rose holds connotations of loyalty which are just as significant in romantic relationships. White roses are a popular choice for weddings due to their symbolism of loyalty, union and everlasting love.

The purity of white roses also represents new beginnings, so the start of a new marital bond but also hope and new starts when you’re laying a loved one to rest. They are used in memorial services to embrace the peace and tranquillity of saying farewell, and to show respect and remembrance.

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