The Best Winter-Flowering Plants

The Best Winter-Flowering Plants

Winter flowering plants bring a well-needed sense of light and warmth to even the coldest, darkest days of the year. Although the winter is typically a quiet time for most flowering plants, there are a few that choose this season to take centre stage.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite winter flowers to bring some brightness into your home this winter.


With spectacular, deeply pigmented petals Amaryllis flowers are a firm winter favourite amongst florists and flower enthusiasts alike.

Flowering in the depths of Winter, the red variety of these beautiful blooms make a stunning addition to Christmas arrangements and bouquets that are bound to leave a lasting impression on any guests you host during the festive period.

Christmas Rose

Also known as a hellebore, the Christmas Rose blooms beautifully throughout the winter between January and March, whilst other plants are still deep in slumber.

Their deep, leathery green leaves look striking against the elegant, blousy petals the plant produces - bringing a luxuriant look to any bouquet, arrangement or garden border.


Snowdrops are some of the most iconic winter flowers, their teardrop shaped, ice-white petals typically emerge between January and March, at which point they can be cut and brought indoors for display.

These tiny flowers look lovely in small bud vases or glass jars, paired with short mixed green foliage sprigs.


What plant represents winter more than Holly? Although it’s not technically a winter-flowering plant, Holly plants do produce bright red berries during the late autumn-early winter months that persist right through the coldest season of the year.

Set against the iconic evergreen leaves that the plant is known for, these berries form part of the most classic Christmas colour combo.

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