The Best Flowers for Bridal Bouquets

The Best Flowers for Bridal Bouquets


Flowers play a significant role in any wedding, but the choice of flowers is especially important for the bridal bouquet. As a focal piece for the day, we want to look at some of the best flowers used for bridal bouquets and the reasons behind them being first choice.

Popular Bridal Flower Options


Tulips are a popular choice due to their wide variety of colours; they are available in both pastel hues and vibrant shades, so you could have any colour you want. “Consuming love” and “happy years” are some of the meanings behind tulips which positively represent the meaning of marriage too. 


Grown in single and double-flower styles, the herbaceous and the tree species, peonies have a voluminous bloom and definitely make a statement for a bridal bouquet. Coming in various shades of pink, the contrast against a white wedding dress is stunning and their delicate petals symbolise a humble beauty.


Similar to peonies, hydrangeas also display a voluminous bloom with smaller petals and come in a multitude of pink hues. Other shades include blue, purple and burgundy, all vibrant and popping against a neutral dress colour. They are a popular choice for filler flowers in a bouquet or as a simple bridal bouquet with only a couple of stems.


Gardenias are sophisticated and elegant flowers so are perfect for the sophisticated and elegant bride. They ooze romance and luxury which is ideal for a wedding, and their classic style with white and light pink hues will create a lovely bridal bouquet.


Finally, roses had to come under the best flowers for bridal bouquets because of their traditional symbolism of love, beauty and romance. Also coming in a wide variety of colours, you have so many options when it comes to choose roses for your bouquet; you could match your overall colour scheme or stand out with the classic red rose.

Preserved Flowers

Do you want your bridal bouquet to last for months after your special day? Then, preserved flowers are the best choice for you. Relive your beautiful wedding and display your bouquet proudly in your home, enjoying the sentiment for longer. Contact us today to find out more about how we can preserve your bridal bouquet!

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