Symbolism of Wedding Flowers

Symbolism of Wedding Flowers

Symbolism plays an important part in weddings, from the date to the colour scheme, the venue to the rings, and even the flowers you choose for your bouquet can have a significant meaning. Here are what some of the most popular wedding flowers symbolise:

Lily of the Valley

The lily of the valley is famous for its drooping bell shape, sweet scent and timeless elegance, and was also the main choice for the royal bride, the Duchess of Cambridge. It symbolises happiness, humility and purity which is why this gentle flower is one of the most traditional wedding flowers around. 


Working well on their own, as well as among other florals, the peony is a great choice for a wedding bouquet. This large, full-headed bloom is believed to represent a happy life and good fortune, together with good health and prosperity, which makes them an obvious choice.


Love is the main theme for weddings, so what better way to symbolise that than with tulips; representing care, passion and intense love, they are the perfect selection when declaring wedding vows. They also come in a wide variety of colours, so they will be a great match to any colour scheme.


Adding vintage chic and volume to the bouquet, on top of symbolising understanding and gratitude, hydrangeas another good choice for weddings. For new couples embarking on their new future together, this bouquet will express heartfelt emotions and an exciting journey.


Finally, the most traditional symbol of love, the rose; the number one choice for many brides for the bouquet, table centrepieces and buttonholes. Remember, different colours have different meanings so white symbolises innocence, red symbolises passion, ivory symbolises fidelity and dark pink symbolises gratitude.

Although cliché, roses will always be romantic, so why not have a look at our range of Magic Roses today and make your wedding bouquet last months past your special day.

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