Spring Magic Flower Guide 2022

Spring is a wonderful time of year, when the hibernation and stagnation of winter ends, and our gardens are brought back to life again with the promise of fresh, vibrant flowers to grace our dining room tables.  

If you’re curious about the best spring flower arrangements for your home, an event, or even for gift ideas, you may find what you’re looking for in our Spring Magic Flower Guide 2022 below.  

Guide to Spring Magic Flowers

Woodland Foliage Bouquet

One of the most popular spring flower trends of 2022 relates to the more subtle colours of spring. While vibrant primary colours certainly have their place, the more relaxed spring shades of grey, green-yellow, and green are finding their feet in 2022. 

Spring Magic Flower Guide 2022 - Woodland Foliage Bouquet

Our Woodland Foliage Bouquet is proving to be a winner in this regard. It’s a stunning hand-tied bunch of preserved green Eucalyptus foliage, green-yellow Solidago, and beautifully contrasting grey. This minimalist and classic bunch is the ideal addition to any open-neck or round glass vase for your home or to present as a gift.  

Citrus Bouquet

With a burst of colour coming from our Magic Roses contrasting beautifully against the greenery of Magic preserved foliage, our refreshing Citrus Bouquet wholeheartedly welcomes spring. 

Spring Magic Flower Guide 2022 - Citrus Bouquet

This beautiful hand-tied bunch gently welcomes you into the early stages of the new season with pale-grey Cinerea Eucalyptus, dried Poppy heads, and vibrant green Solidago. Completing the look are three dried White Pampas Grass Stems, finished with an Apricot Premium Magic Rose and a Lemon-Yellow Premium Magic Rose. 

Meadows Foliage Bouquet

Our gorgeous Meadows Foliage Bouquet can’t help but make you want to skip through wildflower fields and bask in the sunshine. A vibrant green base of Parvifolia Eucalyptus lays a healthy foundation for gorgeous Pink Preserved Gypsophila and dried Pink Delphinium. 

Spring Magic Flower Guide 2022 - Meadows Foliage Bouquet

The entire spring look is tied together with pops of yellow from Billy Buttons. Your home is bound to look the epitome of spring happiness with a Meadows Foliage Bouquet taking pride of place on your table. 

Sorbet Letterbox Bouquet

Have you ever wondered what the number one trend in floral design is for this year? We believe we’re onto a winner with the Sorbet Letterbox Bouquet, a sharp and intoxicating arrangement softened around the edges with charming white bunny tails. 

Spring Magic Flower Guide 2022 - Sorbet Letterbox Bouquet

This beautiful collection has a dramatic, flowing base with Cinerea Sprigs and Willow Eucalyptus that has been further enhanced with sprigs of Lavender, Pink Heather, and Pink Gypsophila for that authentic spring feeling. 

Buttermilk Premium Magic Rose 

Many people ask what flowers are on trend, and one you will always see featured near the top of the list is roses. Our special Buttermilk Premium Magic Roses feature a rich cream colouring with ever-so-subtle pale-yellow hints filtering through. 

Spring Magic Flower Guide 2022 - Buttermilk Premium Magic Rose

Our Premium Magic Roses are naturally grown and treated to preserve their natural state. Create your own arrangement with our Pink Magic Rose shades, Champagne, or even Matte Black, or simply admire them on their own.  

Spring Magic Flower Arrangements

Welcome spring with a gorgeous flower arrangement to liven up your home or business. Browse our bouquets and arrangements today or purchase yearly or monthly flower subscriptions so you can receive a bunch every spring.

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