Pride 2021: Build Your Own Bouquet

Pride 2021: Build Your Own Bouquet

June is not only the month of the Rose, but it is pride month too! Celebrating a whole month of making the LGBTQ+ community voices, rights and culture heard, and celebrating how far they have come since Stonewall Uprising of June 1969.

At Magic Flower Company, we wanted to embrace this by taking each of the 6 colours from the LGBTQ+ flag and matching our bouquets to each one. 

Pride 2021 at the Magic Flower Company


Pride 2021: Build Your Own Bouquet

The red in the flag traditionally symbolises life and there is no better bouquet to represent this with than an arrangement of Red Premium Magic Roses. A grand gesture that stands tall amongst others, which shows pride for life and the changes we continue to make in our society. You can choose either 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 roses; the more stems you buy, the cheaper they get.


 Pride 2021: Build Your Own Bouquet

The orange in the flag is symbolic of the healing the LGBTQ+ community continue to go through since the Stonewall Uprising. Our Bamboo Bright arrangement is perfect for this not only because of its beautifully orange vase, but because of the bold combination of Red, Burgundy, Orange and Pink Magic Roses, plus vibrant purple flower. A colourful bouquet for a colourful event.


Pride 2021: Build Your Own Bouquet

The yellow in the flag symbolises sunlight and hope for the LGBTQ+ community. Our Coastal Bouquet is perfect arrangement to represent the yellow due to the different tones splashed throughout. The dried achillea and golden solidago provide those pops of colour amongst a neutral background, creating coastal vibes and seaside sunshine.


Pride 2021: Build Your Own Bouquet

The green in the flag is symbolic of nature and the fact that every human, no matter what sexuality, is at one with it. What better way to symbolise this than with natural itself and the Mixed Sprigs pack filled with Eucalyptus Sprigs, Willow Eucalyptus, Solidago, Peppermint Eucalyptus, Parvafolia, Cinerea Eucalyptus. It’s every shape and shade of green you could want!


 Pride 2021: Build Your Own Bouquet

The blue in the flag traditionally symbolises peace, the peace that the LGBTQ+ community are seeking for and deserve. Although the Magic Flower Company do not have any blue bouquets, we think that the Cairngorms Foliage Bouquet is a great fit. The Purple Gypsophila and dried lavender provide the hints of blue, and it is well-known that lavender is renowned for its relaxing, peaceful qualities.


 Pride 2021: Build Your Own Bouquet

The purple in the flag symbolises the spirit of every individual in the LGBTQ+ community and what they stand for. Our preserved Purple Gypsophila is a great addition to any arrangement or even to be displayed on its own. With stems between 40-50cm, they will stand loud and proud in your vase at home.

Here at the Magic Flower Company, we have preserved flower arrangements to suit any occasion. Celebrate the occasion for longer with our wide range of Magic Roses and Bouquets today!

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