Preserved Flower Christmas Gift Ideas

Regular flowers make a nice Christmas gift, but they can only be enjoyed for a week or two before they start to wither and wilt. With preserved flowers, you can be sure your gift makes your loved one smile for months after they’ve received it.

Here are a few preserved flower gift ideas you can choose from.

Gift Card

If you know your friend or family member would love some preserved flowers for Christmas this year but you’re not sure what colour or style they’d like best, a Magic Flower Company gift card is your best option.

Take the guesswork out of it and let them choose their own perfect bouquet or arrangement with a £10, £15, £50 or £100 gift card.

Preserved Flower Subscription Package

With a Magic Flower Subscription Package, you’ll be giving the gift of stunning, long-lasting, low-maintenance flowers this Christmas.

With a one-year subscription, your loved one will receive four preserved flower deliveries throughout the year – one every three months or so.

Custom Design

What do you get the person who has everything for Christmas? A completely one-of-a-kind custom preserved flower arrangement!

We offer tailor-made solutions for any space or occasion, whether you want to get them something to brighten up their bedroom, add a welcoming touch to their hallway or anything else that comes to mind.

Our bespoke service caters to your every need, by gaining an understanding of your space through pictures we can design arrangements that complement the recipient’s décor perfectly.

DIY Letterbox Florals

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for the creative friend who always has a new project on the go? DIY letterbox florals are the perfect present for them.

Our letterbox florals contain everything you need to create your own stunning bouquet, conveniently delivered flat packed in a letterbox delivery package – all they need to supply is the vase!

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