The Perfect Vase and Flower Combinations

The Perfect Vase and Flower Combinations

You wouldn’t really think it, but your choice of vase has a huge impact on the way your bouquet looks. Of course, wherever you display your floral arrangement, it will look beautiful because flowers are obviously stunning, but they really need a stage to shine on.

This is where the vessel plays an important role.

Best Vase and Flower Pairings 

Flared Vase

Narrow at the bottom and extending into a wider flare at the top, the flared vase is best suited to long stems and big blooms. Fresh cut lilies need watering quite frequently and a flared vase does aid with this, as well as showing off their unique flower heads. The fit and flare shape also shows off a fuller rose bouquet; as their stems are strong yet slim, they can support the fan of buds around the rim of the vase.

Rounded Vase

A rounded vase, also known as a bubble vase, is just as unique as it sounds but it can work wonders for various flowers. Species with sturdy stems and rounder heads will appreciate a rounded vase the most as you are able to fill it with lots of blooms to create a structural domed finish. This vase perfectly complements the voluminous shape of a peony and the circular design of a rose.

Bud Vase

Perfect for individual flowers to stand out on their own, bud vases help make a subtle statement around your house. A delicate touch, unique blooms with thin stems are ideal for these types of vase. Poppies or freesias make just as much of an impact on their own as they do in a big floral bouquet.

Tall Cylinder Vase

Simply put, taller flowers are best suited to a tall cylinder vase so, sunflowers or tulips are a great choice for this type of vessel. They are displayed in a way that is neat and tidy and the height also keeps tulips from drooping so they can be displayed for longer. 

Magic Flower Arrangements and Vases

At the Magic Flower Company, we have removed the hard work for you as all of our arrangements will arrive pre-arranged and in the vase pictured. Take a look at our wide range of bouquets today and choose the ideal vase and arrangement today.

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