How To Use Flowers To Celebrate Your Friendship For International Friendship Day

Friendship is one of the best things about life. It’s a source of joy, happiness, laughter, and peace. And it’s worth celebrating – hence International Friendship Day!

International Friendship Day will occur on Saturday 30 June 2023. One of the ways you can show your appreciation and gratitude to your friends on this special day is by giving them flowers. Not only are they beautiful and fragrant, but they also have deep symbolic meaning, letting you express yourself in new and unique ways.

What flowers should I give to my friend?

In reality, there are many flowers you can give that symbolises friendship. The most popular include:-

  • Freesias – a fragrant and elegant flower that symbolises the qualities of a desirable friendship, including trust, innocence, and purity. They are also excellent for conveying deep respect or thanking someone for their grace.
  • Alstroemerias – a delicate and exotic flower representing devotion, commitment, and mutual support. People give them as gifts to foster a sense of harmony and diversity and to show appreciation when people help them reach their goals.
  • Chrysanthemums – versatile and colourful flowers that some people associate with admirable qualities such as sincerity and support. Use them to foster good luck and prosperity in some cultures.
  • Sunflowers – a cheerful and attractive flower representing the positivity and admiration many friends share for each other. You can also give them as gifts to bestow longer life and better health long-term.
  • Yellow roses – a fun, friendship-orientated flower full of joy, warmth and happiness. Giving roses is a sign of loyalty and a great gift idea for anyone who’s been with you through thick and thin.

What flowers symbolise friendship?

Naturally, the flowers listed above aren’t the only flowers symbolising friendship. Numerous other cultivars make ideal gifts for the people closest to you in your life, all signifying slightly different things. 


Irises, for instance, symbolise qualities such as faith, hope, and the wisdom that comes with age. People often choose these for friends who’ve provided them with invaluable advice or emotional support in the past.


Orchids represent refinement, beauty, and elegance. You might want to choose these to celebrate a sophisticated or highly financially successful friend.


Gerberas represent cheerfulness and fun. These are great for friends who always make you laugh or feel relaxed.


Daffodils represent new life, rebirth and renewal. You might want to give these to a new friend you’ve just met or an old friend you recently got back in touch with.


Carnations represent gratitude and admiration. You might want to give these to a friend who helped you in the past or who you look up to and aspire to be like.

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