How to Decorate an Office with Preserved Plants

How to Decorate an Office with Preserved Plants

If you’re working in an office from 9 until 5 for 5 days a week, it’s important to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. The way your workspace is decorated can greatly affect your mood and can influence factors that are crucial to the way you work.

Why Should You Decorate Your Office with Plants?

On top of adding fresh elegance and improving the aesthetics of your office, using plants and flowers as decoration can significantly benefit employees and the workspace.

Better Working Environment

Understandably, it makes sense that our surroundings somewhat dictate our mood, especially when we stay in the same place for such a long period of time. The majority of people would agree that they feel more satisfied with a view of greenery compared to concrete buildings and roads.

By decorating your office with plants, you create a more visually appealing work environment. Decluttering and adding plants will create a more calming space for you to work in, therefore encouraging a more positive atmosphere.

Increase Employee Productivity

A better working environment will consequently lead to a more productive workforce. Many studies have actually shown that having more plants in an office positively impacts employee productivity. Along with this, memory retention and attention spans have also been proven to increase with the presence of plants.

With productivity being such an important factor within an office, using plants is such a simple way to improve it. Try some of these creative ways to decorate your workspace!

Ways to Decorate Your Office with Plants

Quirky Little Pots

One of the most versatile ways to decorate your office is by using a variety of small-sized plant pots and dotting them around. Even though they aren’t that big, you can have some fun with them, mismatch size and colour of pots and plants, and manage to place them all over the office.

Plant Corner

Do you have a noticeable empty space in your office? You could create your own mini forest, using different surface levels to add creativity and depth. Place large potted plants on the floor, with ones draping over a table and little ones lining up on a shelf.

Stand Alone Plant

A large floor plant can make all the difference in a workspace. Just like the Plant Corner above, you can add a tall plant in an empty corner and it will be instantly revived. Choose plants instead of furniture when filling space, and you and your team will reap the benefits.

Preserved Plants and Flowers

Greenery doesn’t always have to be your only choice when it comes to decorating your office space. Although they are known for easy maintenance and can live for a long time, preserved flowers are also an option too.

Add pops of colour by displaying preserved Magic Roses throughout your workspace with the added guarantee of long-lasting blooms. Choose from a number of Magic Flower Arrangements so you can have luxurious preserved bouquets as office decorations that bring the benefits of fresh cut flowers for an extended period of time.

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