How Do You Keep Preserved Flowers Looking Fresh

Over recent years preserved flowers have become a popular choice for those seeking longevity when it comes to their beautiful flower arrangements. Even though preserved flowers offer the charm of fresh flowers without the worry of them wilting too soon, there are still some care tips that can help your floral alternatives last that bit longer.

Here are some recommendations to maintain your flowers’ vibrancy all year round.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Although your preserved flowers are designed to last, direct sunlight can contribute to the colours fading over time. To maintain their colourful hues, display them in an area away from prolonged sunlight.


Keep Away From Moisture

Unlike their fresh alternative, preserved blooms don’t require water. This can, instead, shorten their lifespan, so it’s important to keep them in a dry environment to help retain their beauty. Anywhere near condensation or very humid areas can also affect the life of these flowers.


Handle With Care

While preserved flowers are more durable, they should still be handled gently to ensure they aren’t damaged. If they become dusty, you can clean them by lightly dusting or blowing on them. You shouldn’t use any water or products unless your preserved flowers are made from silk.

If you want to adjust the stems on your preserved florals, make sure you cut them instead of snapping them shorter, as this action can severely damage the flower.


Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Just like fresh flowers, extreme temperatures can affect the lifespan of your preserved flowers. Try to keep them away from heating vents, fireplaces, or air conditioning to prevent any unnecessary stress to the petals. This extends to cold temperatures as well, so make sure to keep your blooms inside.


Occasional Check-Ups

Over time, your flowers may become dusty, so make sure to regularly give them a gentle once over. You may also want to inspect the arrangement and remove any faded petals or leaves to keep the flowers looking fresh.

With a little extra care and consideration of these tips, your preserved flowers will continue to add their everlasting beauty to wherever you choose to display them!

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