Home Office Decoration Ideas to Increase Productivity

Home Office Decoration Ideas to Increase Productivity

The ‘new normal’, with most people working from home now, calls for one thing: to spruce up your home office, not only to look great but to inspire productivity. We understand the difficulty remote working can bring, so we wanted to try and help you enhance your workspace.

Here are a couple of ideas that we believe will increase motivation and production every workday.

How to Decorate Your Office for Productivity

Choose the Right Space for Your Home Office

Firstly, before we get to decoration, where your home office is situated is incredibly important to your productivity levels. There are many things you need to consider when it comes to choosing the best space for you:

  • Separate Spaces: You need to create boundaries between your workspace and your living space. The ability to close your door after work and not revisit until the following day is important and will help you switch off from work mentally.
  • Let Natural Light In: Sunlight is vital for making us feel happier and more energised. Make sure you choose a space that has a good amount of natural light pouring in, so the room feels bigger and you get a good boost of vitamin D every day. You will also experience less headaches and eye fatigue!
  • Efficient Organisation: A tidy desk is a tidy mind, and that goes for the entire room too. Make sure to choose accessories in your home office that help keep your space organised and clutter free, as well as reflecting the work that you do. Organisation doesn’t have to be boring, make it your own!

Pick Vibrant Accessories That Reflect Your Personality

It’s your office, so make sure you pick accessories and decorations that not only stimulate your mind but reflect your personality too. Just because it is the place that you work in, it  doesn’t mean that it has to be dull and monotone. Brighten the space up with colourful accessories and vibrant artwork. 

Don’t Forget to Add Plants & Flowers

One of the best ways to inspire and increase productivity in your home office is to add plants and flowers. Studies show that having plants in an office positively impacts productivity, stress levels, memory retention and attention spans.

If you don’t want to risk neglecting your plants, you should opt for preserved flowers and plants that will still decorate your home office whilst helping you be more productive. We have a wide range of Magic Flowers and Roses that will add a pop of colour to your space, plus Magic Foliage and Arrangements that will last for months to come.

Bring Mother Nature inside and still be in touch with the outdoors by adding natural accessories to your workspace. Browse our shop today!

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