Hauntingly Floral Halloween Decorations

Orange Magic Roses, the signature colour of Halloween

If you’re the kind of person that loves this spooky time of year, plus loves having flowers displayed in your house, then why not combine the two for Halloween 2020?

Moving away from the cliché Halloween decorations, you could get hauntingly imaginative with your floral arrangements this year. We have come up with a great list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

DIY Halloween Décor with Flowers

Think Outside the Vase

Don’t reach for your typical vase this season, you should choose some Halloween favourites instead for your vessel. No matter what arrangement you wish to display, make sure you arrange it in a creepy vase for the perfect centrepiece. This could be a skeleton skull or a hollowed-out pumpkin, just adapt it to your flowers’ needs and make a statement.

Ghoulish Garlands

A wreath isn’t just for Christmas, you can create your own for any time of the year. Spring or Easter, Autumn or Halloween, get crafty! By combining some dark-coloured foliage and twigs as the main structure, adding a mixture of flowers in hues of burgundies and oranges, and topping it off with sprigs of berries, you’ve got a gorgeous Halloween decoration.

Sinister Sash of Blooms

An alternative to a Halloween wreath, a sash that is built from blooms could be wrapped around some of your other décor or table settings. Another way to create a sash would be to poke holes around the middle of the pumpkin and fit the stems into these, resulting in an innovative belt of flowers.

Additional Arrangement Décor

Why not add some additional decorations to your flower arrangement to jazz it up, Halloween-style? Faux black feathers, plastic creepy crawlies, mini pumpkins on sticks, even fairy lights to create some atmosphere when the lights are turned off. Incorporate your bouquet into your décor and have fun with it!

Halloween Colour Schemes

We believe there are 3 colour schemes you can choose from for Halloween which are classic, timeless and completely fail-safe. Orange is obviously the first choice as it is Halloween’s signature colour. An all-white, monochromatic arrangement allows your other decorations to pop whilst looking incredibly chic. Finally, deep purple and red hues are ideal for a spooky feel – think of vampires and their thirst for blood.

Magic Flowers for Halloween

By choosing our Magic Flowers and Arrangements for Halloween this year, you can get the most out of them for this festivity and for months afterwards. No matter how you choose to display them, you can reuse them after and display them in a vase around your home.

Like the sound of that? Browse our shop and see what blooms take your fancy.

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