Get Well Soon Flower Guide

Get Well Soon Flower Guide

When you’re feeling under the weather, what makes you smile the most? At the Magic Flower Company, we’re sure that a bunch of flowers would definitely cheer you up a bit!

If you have a friend, family member or loved one who is unwell, send a floral gift to brighten up their day and remind them of how much you care.

Here is a guide to some of the best flowers to choose from.

Get Well Soon Flowers


Daisies are known for being bold and joyful, so a big bouquet of simple white daisies are guaranteed to bring a pop of positivity to the recipient. Or, you could choose gerbera daisies to add more colour into the bouquet, brighten up their room and put the patient in cheerful spirits.


Another vibrant option are tulips, available in so many different colours, you’ll have a tough time choosing what you want to gift. If you know their favourite colour or you want to create a rainbow, pick from the yellows, oranges, pinks and more to create the perfect bunch.


Did you know that peonies stand for health and healing? Not only this, but they are less common than some popular bouquets which makes them a completely unique choice. Pink peonies have a romantic feel to them, but they also have the ability to add voluminous beauty to a space with their luscious, full blooms.


Orchids are a great get well soon present because they are long-lasting as well as beautiful. Both white phalaenopsis orchids or green cymbidium orchids represent good health and, in general, orchids have a peaceful and calming effect which can help the recipient relax. A thoughtful and tasteful gift at any time!

Long-Lasting Floral Get Well Gifts

If you would like your gesture to last even longer, then take a look at our collection of Magic Flower Arrangements. Keeping for up to a year, your gifted bouquet can be kept on display looking as stunning as the day it was received.

Reminding your loved one of how much they’re cared for, browse our shop today.

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