Fresh, Dried, Artificial or Preserved Flowers?

The Best Choice: Fresh, Dried, Artificial or Preserved Flowers?

Whether it’s to decorate your home interior, office space, or a special event, it’s difficult to decide which kind of flowers you should choose. With such a wide variety available, we have helped differentiate between fresh, dried, artificial and preserved flowers so you can make the right choice. 

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers are usually the go-to for any kind of decoration due to their immense beauty and versatility. The number of different varieties of cut flowers give you the opportunity to truly express yourself in a floral arrangement. Their natural aroma and purifying nature are among some of the major advantages of using natural flowers, however they have their down sides too. They require regular maintenance in order for them to last as long as possible, but generally they do not survive longer than a couple of weeks.

Dried flowers

Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers do not require any maintenance. The methods used to dry natural flowers include freeze-drying, air-drying, using heat or silica gel, which means you have the option of doing it yourself at home. If you purchase a fresh flower arrangement and it starts to deteriorate, you can dry it and make it last longer whilst maintaining the delicate texture of the flowers – the aesthetics will unfortunately be compromised, however. 

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers, also known as silk flowers, require no maintenance either, and you have the guarantee that they will last forever. All you have to do is clean them and rid them of dust regularly which is similar to regular ornaments you find in the home. They will not produce any allergies or home any pests or insects and they are a cheaper alternative to other flowers. However, their appearance and texture are completely different to natural flowers, so the quality is normally quite low for decorative purposes.

Preserved flowers

Preserved flowers bring the advantages of fresh flowers together with little maintenance and a long-lasting life span. At the Magic Flower Company, we use a biodegradable preservation mixture to retain every flower’s natural colour and texture, without requiring the need for regular maintenance. Preserved flowers can last up to a year, so even though they may cost more than the options above, it is an economical solution and investment.

All in all, we believe that preserved flowers are the best choice when it comes to floral decoration. The natural beauty of flowers can last a lot longer than fresh and dried flowers, as well as the quality and delicate nature which is not provided with artificial flowers. Preserved flowers are superior, so have a browse through our shop today and take your pick.

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