Flowers for Friendship

Flowers for Friendship

Do you want to show your appreciation for a close friend but you don’t know the best way to do it? Whether you want to say thank you, let them know how proud you are of them or that they’re doing great, flowers are one of the best gifts to express your gratitude.

What should you consider when choosing flowers?

Unless you know their favourite species of flower, why not put some more thought behind the bouquet and incorporate some symbols of friendship to make it extra special.

Flower Colours

Both yellow and coral are the traditional colours that represent friendship. Yellow reflects the warmth and joy you feel when you are together with your friends. The fun and the laughter that you share together can be signified by yellow flowers, such as roses or tulips. For an even greater statement, sunflowers are a bold way to cheer someone up and show appreciation. Coral is a tone of orange which also reflects joy and cheerfulness which you share with your friends.

Flower Species

Daisies and freesias are perfect choices for your bouquet, whether it is solely these species or if they are dotted into a mixed bunch. Daisies are charming and a reminder of spring which brings pleasure and happiness. Freesias are well known for their enchanting fragrance, igniting all of your senses and brightening your day up. 

Don’t forget about greenery too, as ivy is a popular choice to add to your gift. The way that ivy grows is representative of the bonds you grow with your friends, and the strength you maintain when you show your appreciation. Add some sprigs to your handmade bouquet to symbolise the length and strength of your friendship.

Never forget to show your appreciation for those around you - always find ways to remind them how much your friendship means to you.

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