Flowers for Dad on Father’s Day 2022

According to a 2021 poll, 60% of men said that they would like to receive flowers. Flowers have long been associated with ideas of femininity but, as times change, more people are challenging outdated gender stereotypes and embracing their love of beautiful blooms. 

Further research shows that flowers are an instant mood-booster, helping to lift the spirits and strengthen relationships. In fact, one study from 2005 exploring the connection between flowers and life satisfaction noted that all participants (regardless of their gender) expressed genuine delight when given flowers. 

A Floral Father’s Day

While it's common knowledge that carnations are traditionally given on Mother’s Day, what is the official flower for Father’s Day?

The official flower of Father’s Day is the rose, but other flowers commonly seen in a Father’s Day bouquet include lilies and lilacs. 

Lasting Memories

While a bouquet and a box of chocolates on Mother’s Day always goes down a treat, with Dads it can be a little more difficult to know where to start (and all too easy to fall into the trap of giving them yet another pair of novelty socks).

Giving your Dad flowers is a wonderful way to show how much you appreciate him and, while nearly everyone appreciates receiving them, one of their downsides tends to be that within five to seven days they are likely to wilt and will need to be thrown out.

Preserved flowers are made using a non-toxic solution that allows them to last for up to three years so that they can be enjoyed for much longer than conventional cut blooms.

Which Flowers Should You Pick for Father's Day?

After considering all this, you might wonder: “what flowers for my father should I get?” When choosing your Father’s Day flowers, consider his personal tastes and preferences. This could include things like sports team colours or even references to favourite films or TV shows. 

Our favourite Magic Flower picks are: 

Large Rose Head in Gift Box

As the traditional Father’s Day flower, present it in an untraditional way with our Large Rose Head in a Gift Box.

Already wrapped and presented like a natural jewel, gift the unexpected this year that we know he will love.

The Country Jug

Switch from the classic red rose to Premium White Magic Roses with the voluminous Country Jug – and the jug comes with it!

Filled to the brim with Eucalyptus sprigs, Willow Eucalyptus and other greenery alongside touches of light green Billy Buttons, Bunny tails and Gypsophila, its perfect. 

Mixed Sprigs Pack

If your father is more of a foliage guy rather than a floral one, we’ve still got the ideal arrangement for you that will last for months to come.

Our Mixed Sprigs pack is filled with 3 types of foliage chosen from Eucalyptus Sprigs, Willow Eucalyptus, Solidago, Peppermint Eucalyptus, Parvafolia, and Cinerea Eucalyptus. See what you get when you order!

Tropics Bouquet in Cream Vase

With Father’s Day occurring in summer, nothing says sunshine and colour like the Tropics Bouquet in Cream Vase.

The palm spear, red protea and yellow billy buttons provide fiery hues to this tropical bouquet and are all arrange in this sophisticated vessel.

Sandstone Letterbox Bouquet

If you are away from home but still want to gift your father flower on Father’s Day, this beautiful letterbox bouquet is the best option.

A mixture of both preserved and dried flowers and foliage, the Sandstone Letterbox Bouquet is a bouquet of variety with a multitude of textures and colours.

Magic Flower Father’s Day Gift Cards

Take a look around our shop today or contact us directly for any enquiries or If you simply can’t decide, we also offer Magic Flower Company Gift Cards so your Dad can choose whichever arrangement he wants.

Send him straight to our website and browse our wide range of Magic Flowers.

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