Flower Arrangements For Valentine's Day

Flowers are the traditional gift of Valentine’s Day, so why not gift ones that will last all year round? At The Magic Flower Company, we have a wide range of preserved arrangements and gifts that would be perfect for your loved one this year:

Preserved Flower Arrangements

A Hint of Romance

Our Valentine’s Day special this year is ‘A Hint of Romance’ which is a luxurious arrangement consisting of beautiful Magic red roses. With the added greenery of eucalyptus and gypsophila and displayed in a lavish silver glass vase, this extravagant bouquet is the perfect way to say ‘I love you’. We believe that nothing says love on Valentine’s Day like red roses.

Pretty in Pink

Another option displayed in one of our elegant silver glass vases is ‘Pretty in Pink’. Pick a hint of pink instead of the classic red with a mix both pale and dark pink Magic Roses, combined with green and red shallon leaves. Truly a timeless classic that will be enjoyed now only for Valentine’s Day, but throughout the rest of the year.

Valentine's Day Mini Present Box

A small, romantic gesture like our ‘Valentine’s Day Mini Present Box’ is another option for you this year. An assortment of Magic Roses of your own choice of colour and mixed leaves and foliage make a delicate but unique gift for your loved one. Paired with a card which adds a personal touch, this long-lasting present shows both thought and commitment.

Magic Rose in Wooden Butterfly Housing

Something different from our other arrangements is our ‘Magic Rose in Wooden Butterfly Housing’. Displayed in a quirky vase carved with butterflies and flowers, you can choose your partner’s favourite colour Magic Rose to make it truly personal.

As well as these selected arrangements, at The Magic Flower Company, we have a number of other preserved flowers in our shop. Have a browse today to find your ideal Valentine’s Day gift.

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