Floral Colours for Autumn

Floral Colours for Autumn

What colours are best for flowers in Autumn?

Not too bright, not too subtle, Autumn provides both a soft and rich colour palette which goes underrated. Taking the hues straight from nature and bringing them into your home is the perfect way to indulge in these colours beautiful season.

Mustard Yellow?

Mustard yellow is the tone that represents the beginning of Autumn and the turning of the leaves. It still resembles the warm leftovers of Summer, creating a cosy atmosphere and adding a rustic touch to your home.


Even though this is the main colour throughout the end of Autumn, moving into Winter, you may be surprised with different hues of browns that there are. Both light and dark shades can bring a sense of comfort into your home; one way of doing this is adding Peppermint Eucalyptus or Willow Eucalyptus into your floral arrangements.

Burnt Orange?

Some of the leaves also turn into a burnt orange colour, which brightens up the trees as well as the ground. As well as this, the sunsets at this time of year look like a fire is burning in the sky, so why not bring this beautiful tone into your home and add a bit of colour to the darker nights? 


The dark and mysterious colour of purple is considered as an Autumnal colour too, representing the clear night skies before the clocks go back. Lavender is the perfect way to bring this tone into your home this season; if you have kept some after cutting it back, place it in little vases and dot them around your house. If you prefer a longer lasting solution, have a look at our preserved Lavender Sprigs.

Have fun with seasonal decorations in your home and make the beautiful palette of Autumn last longer this year.

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