Floral Colour Combinations

Floral Colour Combinations

Colour schemes are such an important consideration for any decorative decision you have to make. Luckily, there are basic colour concepts which you can follow in order to create the perfect colour combination for your floral arrangements.

The colour wheel is a helpful tool to look at the relationships between different combinations, and to learn analogous, monochromatic, complementary and triadic colour theories.

Analogous colours share common pigments which means that they blend well together, while still presenting a harmonious range of colour. If using this combination, make sure you have consistent intensity across all colours, and decide on a dominant one to work around.

Similarly, monochromatic combinations present harmony but the focus is on one colour and various gradients of it. By mixing different tones and shades of one colour, as well as different textures and shapes, you can create a floral arrangement with great depth and complexity.

If you want a striking arrangement that will stand out and be loud, complementary colours are the perfect choice. They are located on opposite sides of the colour wheel and intensify each other when put together. Red with green, blue with orange, and yellow with purple are all complementary combinations, and will add intense drama to your bouquet.

The triad colour theory combines three colours that are evenly spaced around the colour wheel creating a vibrant and energetic combination. Just like monochromatic colours, you should make sure that the intensity is balanced throughout, and decide on one dominant colour for the other two to work around.

All of these theories are only guidelines though, there are no strict rules for colour combinations. Choose whatever you like, even if the colours clash; the only thing that matters is if it suits you and the surroundings it will be presented in. Always experiment, and if it becomes too chaotic just add some subtle tones, such as white or cream, to calm it down.

Don’t forget about foliage, too! Buds, branches and fruity foliage can come in all colours, and they can add texture to your arrangement. The variations of colours are endless, so if it is too overwhelming, come and see the experts. We have a wide range of flower arrangements that are updated on a regular basis or we can create a tailor-made bouquet especially for you and your colour scheme.  Take a look through our online store or contact us today!

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