Everything You Need to Know About Lavender

Everything You Need to Know About Lavender

The same colour as its name, lavender is a beautiful shade of violet, a cooler colour which is known to represent a fresh and pure feel. It creates peaceful atmospheres and adds an air of serenity to whatever room or space it is added to.

What is Lavender?

There are nearly 40 species of lavender, with English lavender proving to be the most popular.

Blooming from spring to early summer in the comfortable English climate, this type grows up to two or three feet tall. Hidcote English lavender flowers deep purple buds and Munstead English lavender grows better in the heat compared to other lavender types. There are also French and Spanish species, and Grosso lavender which is commonly used in essential oils due to its intense perfume.

It is well known that lavender essential oil has many health benefits including acting as a natural painkiller and reducing stress and anxiety. An easily accessible, common sleep aid, you can find the essential oil in many forms such as scented candles, diffusers, bath oils and many more.

Where is it seen?

Lavender has become extremely prevalent among wedding bouquets and wedding décor as couples have been embracing the boho theme.

Whether it’s a complete bouquet of lavender, or lavender sprigs mixed with other greenery, this choice of arrangement complements the perfect boho bride.

Wedding décor can include hanging lavender or quirky containers dotted around the venue or as table centrepieces, so the air is filled with the intoxicating scent.

How to display Lavender 

Adding a rustic touch to your home is easy by filling vases with lavender; adding a little to thin glass vessels or large bunches to wooden or metal containers is the perfect way to bring the outside in.

Obviously, the way you want to display your flowers is up to you and what would look best for your home, but lavender should always be your first choice bloom.

For decorative purposes, preserved lavender is the perfect choice as it is long-lasting and will never lose it’s beautiful colour. Why not invest in our Magic lavender today? You could even make it part of a bespoke preserved flower arrangement, part of your workspace, or even a wedding!

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