Dried Flowers vs. Preserved Flowers

Dried Flowers vs. Preserved Flowers

Fresh flowers have such unique beauty, it’s a shame that they can’t last forever. Their short life span and constant maintenance could be considered as a burden, however, there are ways that the life of flowers can be prolonged. 

Two different techniques used are drying and preserving; as well as maintaining their beauty, these methods allow people to keep the significant memory that some flowers may hold, for a longer period of time. So, what is the difference between drying flowers and preserving them? And, which technique is better?

Dried Flowers

Drying is the best-known process which utilises traditional techniques that have been used for decades. It is one of the easiest ways to retain flowers for an extended period of time; you dehydrate them, ridding them of all their natural moisture.

Once fully dried, their natural appearance is noticeably damaged, but a colouring and mounting process can slightly enhance it. Drying flowers is a simple procedure with rustic results, however, there can be some issues.

The soft and natural appearance of fresh flowers is completely erased during this process, and they become extremely brittle and sensitive. Stems will break easily, petals will fall off, and the added dye, to enrich the colour, will still fade. Your special bouquet will last for longer if it is dried, but you will have to sacrifice the aesthetic pleasure it used to bring.

Preserved Flowers

A more modern, scientific method to prolonging the life of flowers is to preserve them. At The Magic Flower Company, we harvest fresh flowers at the peak of their beauty and they are injected with an organic mixture to replace their sap. These fresh flowers will now be able to maintain their natural texture while living for a long time.

The flowers retain their flexibility and can be cut and arranged in exactly the way you would arrange fresh flowers. There is absolutely no need for any maintenance. If you require elegant flowers on a daily basis, preserved flowers look more expensive than dried ones, whilst being economical too. Want to keep flowers for a sentimental reason? Preserving them keeps them in the same beautiful state for a year or more!

Magic Flowers and the preservation technique guarantee that flowers will stay in the same condition and look fresh 24/7, without any hassle. Flowers are known for their beauty, why take it away by drying them?

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