Creative Ways to Decorate with Roses

Creative Ways to Decorate with Roses

Roses are such a magnificent species of flower that you do not need to go over the top when it comes to decorating a space with them. Choosing roses is one of the easiest ways to transform a room and take it from normality to luxury.

Here are some creative rose interior decorations:

A Co-ordinating Vase with Preserved Roses

Whether it’s a neutral coloured room and you want to add a pop of colour or you have a set scheme throughout, choose your vase in relation to your interior décor. Identify where you want to place the decoration first so you can judge the vase size correctly, but make sure it is spacious so your blooms can radiate. Then, choose the perfect vase for your room, exploring the option of various materials and different dimensions to make it stand out.

Multiple Mantelpiece Decorations

Split your bouquet of roses into individual stems and place them in singular vases to line them up across your mantelpiece. Or, as your preserved roses will not need water, you could make little bunches from your bouquet and tie them up with ribbon and other decorative accessories. Then, lay these all along the mantelpiece so it’s like a vintage field of flowers.

Creative Centrepiece with Preserved Roses

Instead of a tall vessel in the middle of the dining table, opt for a wide, low vase that spreads the roses out to truly exude their beauty. Go around the vase, placing one rose at a time around the circumference – eventually layering them on top of each other, you may need to trim the stems as you go in order to create a sphere-like shape. Why not use varying hues of the same colour to create something unique?

Boho Hanging Flower Pots

Just like hanging baskets in your garden, you can bring the same feel into your home using preserved roses. By adding greenery and foliage, you can easily create a completely boho-chic environment. From the classic red roses to pastel tones, roses exude romance and will make the same impact as they would in a larger arrangement.

What is the Meaning of Boho?

The definition of boho, short for bohemian, is socially unconventional with a focus on the creative arts. Usually referred to as a popular theme for weddings and other occasions, what features actually fit this genre?

Colour – The choice of colour is extremely significant in boho décor, commonly combining intense colours with natural hues. This is why roses are normally used in creative boho decorations as they come in a variety of different colours and are one of the most striking species.

Textures and Patterns – Natural and earthy, accessories for interior decoration such as vases, will be made of wood or patterned materials. Equally colourful but focusing on more of an earthy feel, using recycled items in your home and influences from other cultures. 

Roses in Boho Decorations

If you are a fan of the boho look, preserved roses are the ideal option for your interior decorations. With our wide range of Magic Roses, you can add creative pieces to your home that will last and last. Have a look at our collection today!

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