Colour of the Year 2021 in Magic Flowers

Colour of the Year 2021 in Magic Flowers

For the first time in 22 years, Pantone have chosen two colours of the year for 2021 and described them as a pairing. Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and 13-0647 Illuminating are the two colours and we wanted to look into why they were selected.

Pantone Colours of the Year 2021

Why Were Both Colours Chosen?

Often chosen as a response to world events, this year is no different. Pantone executive director Leatrice Eiseman says this year’s combination is “practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic”, which is definitely what we need this year.

Yellow is a both statement of positivity and hope, whereas grey is a symbol of stability and strength. Both of which we need after the global pandemic last year, continuing into the New Year. 

Matching Magic Flower Arrangements

If you like the look of the colours of the year and would love them in your home, we have paired up some of our Magic Flower Arrangements that showcase these tones perfectly.

Woodland Foliage Bouquet

Colour of the Year 2021 in Magic Flowers

The Woodland Foliage Bouquet is our first choice because it contains both yellow and grey within the arrangement – Plus, it’s stunning! As you can see, it is minimalist yet striking, with our preserved green eucalyptus foliage, green-yellow solidago and hints of grey. We think it’s a classic look and, of course, it will last the entire 2021. 

Friendship Bouquet

Colour of the Year 2021 in Magic Flowers

The Friendship Bouquet is dedicated to the Illuminating yellow, a sure-fire way to brighten and illuminate your interior. This classic arrangement of Yellow Premium Magic Roses, green Box Flower and green filler flowers is bright, bold and beautiful. You can choose the impact you want to create as well, with different options of how many roses you wish to include.

Wisdom Bouquet 

Colour of the Year 2021 in Magic Flowers

The Wisdom Bouquet is dedicated to the Ultimate Gray with the selection of 7 Light Purple Premium Magic Roses. Although they are purple, they have a dusky grey tint to them which we love. Paired with Eucalyptus Sprigs, Red Willow Eucalyptus and preserved Lavender, it’s chic and will go perfectly in any home. 

Have a browse of our shop today and see what other arrangements you can get that will last all year!

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