Christmas Table Floral Decoration Ideas

Christmas Table Floral Decoration Ideas


When it comes to Christmas decorations, have you thought of using flowers and foliage for a festive feel? At Magic Flower Company, we believe that floral decorations really do add the finishing touch to any occasion, including Christmas.

Here are some of our ideas you can use this year:

Floral Table Centrepieces for Christmas 2020

Stick to the Classic Christmas Red

The classic red rose is even more traditional this time of year, emulating the colour of Christmas that is recognised by everyone. By arranging a dozen Red Magic Flowers in your favourite vase and adding holly leaves and luscious berries, you have got yourself the perfect table centrepiece. Plus, by choosing Magic Roses, you can keep them displayed throughout your home, just switch out the holly and berries for other Magic Foliage or another colour Magic Rose for the following seasons.

Create a Subtle Statement with Neutrals

It doesn’t look like we’ll get snow this year, so why not recreate a frosty flurry with a neutral bouquet? Mix cream and white roses with some foliage to fashion an understated arrangement that will still shine amongst your other decorations. The beauty of choosing a neutral bouquet is that you can pair it with an extravagant vase for this special occasion. Gold, silver, bejewelled, patterned, whatever vessel you choose, your Magic Roses will look elegant and sophisticated.

Foliage from the Winter Forest

Bring elements of your Christmas tree into your floral decorations too by focusing on the foliage. At Magic Flower, we have foliage in shades of both red and green, so you can definitely get festive with our collection.

Christmas Table Floral Decoration Ideas

From Eucalyptus to Gypsophila, and a wide range of foliage bouquets to choose from, you can display a charming and whimsical arrangement for Christmas this year.

Think Outside the Box

If you don’t fancy a classic colour scheme, then you don’t have to choose one! Christmas is all about enjoyment and indulgence so choose your own colour scheme that represents you and your family’s personality. No matter what Magic Flower Arrangement you go for and what colour Magic Roses you choose for your floral decorations, we are sure they will make an eye-catching centrepiece and strikingly decorative ornaments for your Christmas setting.

Long-lasting Christmas Flower Arrangements 

Both our handmade arrangements and every Magic Flower are preserved and long-lasting meaning they will look beautiful throughout Christmas as well as the months ahead. Take a look around our shop today or, alternatively, contact us with any questions you have.

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