Christmas Floral Gift Guide 2020

Christmas Floral Gift Guide 2020

It’s definitely time to start thinking about this year’s Christmas presents, have you got any ideas? If you’re stuck, we’ve got the ultimate floral gift guide comprising a number of magical ideas that would be perfect for any member of the family, loved one or friend.

You may not originally think of flowers as a potentially festive gift, but it’s scientifically proven that blooms make people feel happy, so you are guaranteed to make the recipient smile. Why not make that smile last for months into the new year by gifting some Magic Flowers?

What Magic Flowers to Buy This Christmas

Hand-Tied Bouquets

Put together by hand by our team of skilled flower arrangers, our collection of hand-tied bouquets are a perfect alternative to a fresh bunch of flowers this Christmas. Combining Magic Roses and Magic Foliage to craft a beautiful bouquet to sit in a vase of your choice, this bohemian display can last for up to a year.

Christmas Floral Gift Guide 2020

Although designed with Halloween and Bonfire Night in mind, we think the Embers Foliage Bouquet emulates the warm, earthly embers of a log fire. Keeping your interior decoratively cosy with the red and orange dried protea and solidago, the mix with green and grey hues keeps it wintery and festive.

Magic Flower Vases

If you want to find the perfect pairing for your hand-tied bouquet, have a browse through our unique selection of vases, jugs and pots. You will notice some of them making an appearance in some of our Magic Flower Arrangements, so if one has caught your eye for a gift, see if you can find it here.

Christmas Floral Gift Guide 2020

Our Grey Vintage Vase for example is used in our Vintage Vase Arrangement, so if you fancy a different bouquet in this vessel, buy it separately for your loved one along with your chosen blooms. Or, make a statement by gifting this striking vase and give your recipient the freedom to display it however they please – We’re sure it’ll take centre stage wherever it may be.

Flower Arrangements

Prefer to gift a flower arrangement along with a vase? Go the whole hog and browse through our collection of 30 Magic Flower Arrangements. Each one stunningly different from the next, we’re sure you’ll be able to find the ideal Christmas gift. All designs come pre-arranged in the vase pictured, or you can get in touch to discuss customisation options.

Christmas Floral Gift Guide 2020

Bring the beauty and colour of a vibrant summer garden into your loved one’s home all year round with the Little Green Jug. Versatile and eye-catching, both the pale and dark pink colour palette you can choose from is beautiful in this teal jug. Every flower and foliage sprig are Magic and will continue to be bright and bold for up to a year.

Magic Flower Gift Range

Did you know we have a gift range dedicated to brilliant gift ideas for you to choose from? With Gift Cards available from £10 to £100, your recipient can shop for their perfect Magic Flower gift themselves. Or, we have a selection of Magic Roses in hand crafted presentation boxes which would truly make an impact this Christmas.

Christmas Floral Gift Guide 2020

What a beautiful surprise it would be to open up a box and find long-lasting, premium roses from Magic Flower. All you have to do is choose from our long list of different colours and they will arrive in a sturdy gift box that can easily be wrapped. Stand out this Christmas by gifting something that will be remembered until at least next year!

Flower Subscriptions

A new feature for 2020 which could be a great gift for Christmas is signing up one of your loved ones for one of our flower subscriptions. Unlike a normal flower subscription service, the flowers that are delivered quarterly straight to your door will last for up for a year. No need to water or prune, just arrange them in the vase and display in your home. Simple!


Christmas Floral Gift Guide 2020

We have 4 different packages to choose from: Foliage Bunches, Foliage Bouquet, Deluxe Foliage Bouquet and Magic Rose & Foliage Bouquet. Each one is a 1 year subscription and offers a different arrangement every 3 months. Who wouldn’t want beautiful blooms regularly delivered to their door next year?

Christmas 2020 with Magic Flower Company

Browse our entire shop today and pick out your perfect Christmas gifts for delivery!

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