Choose Foliage Over Flowers

Choose Foliage Over Flowers

If you fancy a change from an entirely floral bouquet, why don’t you opt for foliage instead? Fresh greenery is perfect for this time of year and it is a great addition to your home as a luscious decoration.

Adding a twist to your floral arrangement with foliage has become very popular recently; using naturally green sprigs brings a bouquet and its surroundings to life! Healthy green, grey and red tones with various textures add an edge, as well as extra shape and proportion, to normal bunch of flowers.

Foliage with many small leaves is a great filler for arrangements, adding volume and colour where needed; they are usually better in smaller bouquets, as they can add more detail and various hues. Larger sorts of greenery will give your design more height, as well as width, and will make the arrangement look more sumptuous and substantial.

By incorporating foliage into your bouquets and displaying them inside, you can bring the shade of spring into your home and revitalise your household. You can also take advantage of the romantic and bohemian ambience that it can provide, especially when it is exhibited on its own. Whether it’s large shallon leaves or long blades of eucalyptus, make a statement in your home this season.

There are so many different varieties of foliage to choose from, with all different kinds of characteristics that can enhance your arrangement or become the focus piece in your home. You can use it for whatever you want, to define your style or create a serene and calm atmosphere within your household.

Flowers are beautiful, but foliage is distinctive – Check out our long-lasting range of Magic Foliage now.

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