Can the Flower Industry be Zero Waste?

Can the Flower Industry be Zero Waste?

The Zero Waste trend has taken over the world recently and has made everyone aware of the damage we have been doing to the planet over the years. With many tips and ideas on how to reduce our environmental destruction, the question now is whether the flower industry could become Zero Waste.

We want to look at the ways it could improve and what alternative choices could be made when it comes to purchasing flowers.

Zero Waste Actions

Reduce Carbon Footprint by Buying from Local Business

Do you know where the flowers you buy originate from? They are commonly grown across the globe, usually near the equator, due to better weather and growing conditions. Unfortunately, this means that they are transported for miles and miles, producing a huge amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Therefore, it is a better choice to go into your local florist and buy your fresh flowers on the day, saving you time but also reducing your carbon footprint 

Although we harvest our flowers at the peak of their beauty near the equator, our Magic Flowers will last for up to a year, maintaining their beauty and texture for the entirety. This means that, even though you are ordering them online, only purchasing them once a year will significantly decrease your carbon emissions. Also, the Magic Flower Company are a family-run business in Suffolk, so if you are based in the local area, the delivery journey is short and economical.

Avoid Pesticides Which Result in Water Pollution

While we do not consume flowers, the issue of pesticides being used throughout the growing process poses harmful environmental factors. As one of the biggest consumers of pesticides in the world, the flower industry contributes to air and water pollution, health problems and other damage to local eco-systems with their usage.

In order to preserve our beautiful blooms, the Magic Flower Company have not used any toxic or harmful chemicals. Only a glycerine-based mixture is utilised to replace the natural sap of the flowers and organic dyes are chosen to enhance the colour of the petals, in order to keep them in the same condition for an extended period of time.

Eliminate Plastic Packaging and Structures

Plastic is obviously bad for the environment and, unfortunately, the flower industry still uses plastic for wrapping or inside arrangements. When buying fresh flowers from a shop, more often than not, bouquets are wrapped in plastic cellophane which isn’t recyclable. In addition to this, floral foam is used inside vases and vessels to keep arrangements in place as well as hydrated. Floral foam is made of plastic and will only ever break down into smaller pieces of plastic when sent to landfill.

So, next time you visit your florist, ensure that you ask your bouquet to be wrapped in butcher paper or any other environmentally friendly alternative. At the Magic Flower Company, we do not use floral foam in any of our arrangements so you can ensure that when you buy from us you will not be sending anything to landfill.

Magic Flower Company Insights

We believe that the flower industry is doing all it can to reduce their negative impact on the environment and become Zero Waste. If you want to find out more about what we do or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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