Bud Vase Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Bud Vase Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

Recently had a clear out and found lots of old little vases at the back of your cupboards? Don’t throw them out, try and recycle them by finding ways to use them around your house.

No matter if your vase is tall and skinny or short and wide, there are a number of different things you can do with bud vases.

Here are some ideas to give you some inspiration. 

Other Ways to Use Bud Vases

Desk or Bathroom Organiser

A bud vase will be the perfect size to become your new pencil pot, keeping your desk clean and tidy – A tidy desk is a tidy mind. Or, why not use it in your bathroom to put your toothbrushes in or cotton balls and buds. Instead of a bud vase it can be a cotton bud vase!


Fill your bud vase with tiny pebbles or stones to add weight to it, then you can use them as bookends. Completely unique and simple, transform your bookshelves with this upcycled idea.

Handmade Décor

Just like the bookends, fill your bud vase with something more colourful and eye-catching. Marbles, shells, different shades of sand, or sweets – Anything can be used and then displayed as a piece of décor. 

A Painted Piece 

Get creative by painting the inside of your vase and display it as a bespoke and rare piece of art. If you have a couple of vases, you could use tones that are part of your home’s colour scheme and dot them around the house. It’s the little touches that make it!

Candle Holder

If you’re a candle lover as well as a flower lover, you can use your bud vases as vessels for your candles. Depending on the size of your vase, an idea for a smaller one would be to fill it with sand and then place a votive candle on top. You could even fill another one with matches and it could be the perfect pair.

Bud Vases from Magic Flower Company 

Loved your bud vase as it was, filled with a flower? Take a look at our Magic Roses and choose from our many colours to fill your bud vases with or opt for some Magic Foliage instead. Get creative and have some fun with it, whilst enjoying a long-lasting display!

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