The Best Flowers for an Autumn Wedding

The Best Flowers for an Autumn Wedding

If you’re tying the knot this Autumn, you may want your flower arrangements and bouquets to tie into autumnal hues, such as reds, oranges, and yellows.

We’ve put together our top picks for flowers to compliment your autumn wedding bouquets and arrangements.

Autumn Wedding Flowers


Roses are symbolic of love, so they are a favourite amongst brides to be in any season. Although white and pastel colours are traditional for weddings, why not try something different with an apricot, orange or red rose to match the season’s rich tones.

The Best Flowers for an Autumn Wedding

You could even tailor which rose colour you choose to the specific message you want to relay to your significant other; orange roses are symbolic of desire and passion, whilst deep red roses reflect beauty, passion, and true love.

Learn more about what each rose colour symbolises with our guide to the meaning of each rose colour.


Typically flowering between late summer and early autumn, sunflowers are sure to make a stunning statement at any autumn wedding.

Coinciding with one of Pantone’s colours of the year for 2021 and signifying positivity and hope, this bold bloom makes the perfect addition to any autumn wedding.


Chrysanthemums are enjoyed by many all year round but the orange, burgundy and deep yellow varieties perfectly tie in with the staple autumn shades. 

These beautifully intricate blooms are a stylish option for wedding arrangements and even bouquets.

Tonal Foliage

Deep red toned foliage such as red willow eucalyptus or dark red peppermint eucalyptus make a stunning addition to any wedding arrangement, adding an extra dimension of colour and texture for a beautifully seasonal look.

The Best Flowers for an Autumn Wedding

Or, if you prefer purple, incorporate lavender sprigs into your arrangement for a subtle burst of colour or add purple gypsophila into smaller bouquets for a modern, minimalist look.

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