Benefits of Preserving Flowers with Glycerine

Benefits of Preserving Flowers with Glycerine

We understand why people would want flowers to last longer than they do; they have a unique beauty that is mesmerising and can completely transform a space and mood. There are a number of different methods of preserving flowers but, at The Magic Flower Company, we choose glycerine – Here’s how and why!

How to Preserve Flowers with Glycerine

First of all, flowers will be harvested at the peak of their natural beauty. A glycerine-based mixture is then absorbed into the stems, replacing the natural sap and water content. Glycerine is a viscous, oily liquid and a biodegradable preserving technique, providing flowers the ability to never dry out.

Every species of flower is different and has specific preservation requirements; the temperature and humidity are controlled for individual plant types when the process is being undertaken. Sometimes, the heads are treated separately to the stems and then re-joined.

Benefits of Preserved Flowers  

100% Real & Natural

No toxic or harmful chemicals have been used in this preservation process, and techniques such as freezing or freeze-drying are not used. Every flower is real and natural, this is guaranteed.

No Drying Out

Preserved flowers will never wilt! By using glycerine, the stem, leaves and flowers will stay hydrated. Their texture will maintain wrinkle and wilt-free, as well as soft to the touch, looking just as lively as fresh flowers.


Although they still need to be treated with care as they are still fragile, preserved flowers require no maintenance. Compared to fresh flowers, they do not need water or sunlight, they just need a light dusting every now and again.


Fresh flowers commonly last for up to a week but preserved flowers can last from 6 to 12 months, sometimes even longer! Their appearance will remain the same throughout the entire time period, which means arrangements can be prepared ahead of time for events.


Due to a longer life span, this means you don’t have to replace your blooms on a regular basis. With less frequent replacement, this will save you money in the long run – Preserved flowers are basically an investment!

Magic Flowers and Roses

As you can see, there are many reasons why we have chosen to preserve our flowers with glycerine. Enjoy the pleasure you get from a fresh bouquet for longer with our collection, take a look today!

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