Autumn Floral Decorations

Autumn Floral Decorations

In the lead up to Christmas, don’t forget about Autumn and all of the beautiful ways you can decorate your home this season.

One of the most colourful times of the year is Autumn, with the deep fruity tones and burning orange shades, so make the most of it!

Early Autumn Floral Arrangements

Warm Up with Cosy Colours 

Even though the weather is getting colder and the dark nights are drawing in, move away from the cool palette and towards something a little more effervescent. Reds, oranges and yellows are iconic of Autumn so should be used in your floral decorations at this time of year.

Foliage All the Way

When choosing your flowers for your autumn decorations, don’t forget about dark-hued foliage. The addition of leaves within an arrangement not only adds volume but matches perfectly to the seasonal feel. Incorporate some autumnal foliage, like our red shallon leaves, to truly emulate this season in your home.

Add Fruit Not Fear

Instead of pumpkins and other ghoulish decorations, choose to decorate with fruit to reflect the in-season berries. Autumnal berry branches are the perfect accompaniment to floral arrangements this October, adding not only texture but another pop of colour and seasonal flair. 

Autumn Table Décor

‘The Milk Jug’ is our top pick at the Magic Flower Company for autumn floral decorations. It is full of beautifully deep, rich foliage with highlights of mini cream roses poking through.

Autumn Table Décor – The Milk Jug

With the dark pink, purple and cream rice flowers, these are similar to the addition of fruit and definitely showcases the warmer colours of autumn. All finished in a porcelain jug, it is simple yet effective table décor that will still be admired throughout the further winter months.

Have a look through the rest of our arrangements to find your perfect one or create your own with our wide range of Magic Roses, Magic Foliage and Magic Filler Flowers.

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