Are Preserved Roses Still Fragrant?

Roses are chosen as a favourite flower or a gift to a loved one. Each colour symbolising a hidden meaning, these beautiful flowers have been a mainstay in our celebrations for many years.

However, one downside of giving roses as gifts is that they don’t long…That’s where Magic Flower Company can help. Preserving roses allows them to last for up to a year, yet one main question remains: Are they still fragrant?

In this blog, we tell you everything you need to know about the Magic Flower process. 

The Preservation Process of Preserved Roses

The preservation process is designed to maintain their natural appearance and texture.

It usually involves replacing the natural sap with a solution which ensures it lasts for an extended period of time (normally up to one year). This process helps them survive without the need for water or sunlight and allows buyers to preserve their beauty however, it can affect their fragrance.


How Does Preserving Roses Affect Their Fragrance? 

The scent of preserved roses might vary depending on the preservation method employed and the roses' initial quality. Some preserved roses may retain a delicate perfume similar to fresh roses, while others may have a more neutral fragrance. This variety offers for a wide selection of solutions that cater to varied tastes and circumstances.


How to Keep the Scent On Preserved Flowers

Whilst preserving flowers will allow you to keep their beauty and ensure they are long lasting; you can’t always keep the scent. However, there are quick fixes that may help.

For example, adding essential oils or fragrant sprays designed to be used with preserved flowers can infuse your bespoke flower arrangements with delightful aromas. This also allows you to customise scents and arrangements to your specific tastes.

While preserved roses may not maintain the fragrance of fresh roses, they last a lot longer which makes them the perfect gift. You’re also able to ensure the smell is customisable to your own tastes. At Magic Flower Company, we offer preserved roses that enchant the senses in their own distinctive way.

Explore our collection and experience the timeless beauty of preserved roses, perfect for adding an enduring touch of elegance to any environment.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. 

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