Alternative Christmas Flowers for Your Home

Alternative Christmas Flowers for Your Home

When you think of festive flowers, we can guess that the first ones that pop into your head are poinsettias, holly and mistletoe. If you still want to decorate with Christmas blooms but fancy something different this year, here are some alternatives to choose from.

Christmas Flowers and Plants


 A classic houseplant, the orchid can be displayed in the home throughout any time of the year as they are long-lasting if they are well looked after. Available in Christmas colours such as red, white and green, they can be an alternative choice of festive flower decoration in your house this year. 

Christmas Cactus

Cacti are some of the easiest house plants to look after and are obviously interesting to look at – but, did you know you can get Christmas cacti? Many may be unaware of Schlumbergara, the Christmas cacti, which makes it a great unconventional option for this festive season. What makes this species different from others is the red, pink or white flowers that bloom during winter.

Green Ivy

One of the best decorations for Christmas is green ivy as it less of a statement piece and more of an embellishing feature amongst main features. Composed of rich green leaves similar to festive wreaths, they represent Christmas decoration and can recreate the shape of Christ’s crown of thorns.

Christmas Rose

The Christmas Rose is not actually a rose flower but comes from the buttercup family. it usually has white or dark red petals and resembles wild roses, which is where it gets its name from. The vivid green foliage brings warmth to the cold, winter season and can be used around other floral centrepieces and along tables and other surfaces.

Magic Flower Christmas Flowers – Flowers for Christmas 2020

At the Magic Flower Company, we have red and white magic roses that will last the entire season, along with a number of festive arrangements. If you want to stick with the traditional and classic flowers for Christmas, visit our shop today!

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