All the Ways to Always Arrange Flowers Well

All the Ways to Always Arrange Flowers Well

Want to try and create your own flower arrangement? Here are some basic tips to get you started:

Choosing Your Flowers


You can’t go wrong by opting for a single flower variety and one colour palette, as uniformity will always make a statement and be harmonious. If you favour bolder colours, include some neutral creams and whites to bring more balance. By arranging the stems in your hand first, you will be able to see what your arrangement will look like.


Following on from the uniformity, choosing just greenery for your arrangement has become a popular choice over the years, or you could use these as neutral fillers for your bold bouquet. Either way, greenery has become a more versatile option for arrangements and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Choosing the Right Vase

Tall Vase

If you have chosen flowers with a long stem and want a more dramatic arrangement, then a tall vase is the perfect choice. By following the contours of the tall vase, it will guide your flowers easily into a display piece.

Round Vase

If you have chosen smaller flowers with bigger blooms, then a round vase is the perfect choice. You will have the ability to create more volume and multiple layers with a round vase and achieve a fuller finish.

Alternative Vase

If you have an alternative vase that you would rather use, such as a teapot, tin can or an empty glass bottle, you can add personality and uniqueness to your arrangement. You should choose your flowers more specifically to the type of container you will use.

Choosing the Arranging Technique

The Triangle

If your arrangement is only going to consist of a few stems, then the triangle will ensure that it will look great. By placing three flowers into the vase and crossing the stems over into a triangle, you have straight away achieved a simple yet eye catching arrangement. If you want to add a few more flowers, add them in the same triangle every time, but sitting in the gaps of the previous triangle/s.

The Swirl

Another easy technique is to hold all your flowers together like a bouquet and place them in your vase. You will see every stem fall naturally into a swirl, covering the bottom of the vase, and your blooms will fill your vase beautifully. 

The Tipi

The final option for your arrangement makes your stems look like an upside-down tipi. By using the triangle technique, take the heaviest stems and create a triangle in your vase and then slot the rest of your flowers in the middle of triangle. You will soon see your arrangement forming with a sturdy structure.

Now you’ve learnt the basics for arranging flowers, why not choose preserved flowers so your display can last for longer? Take a look around our shop today!

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