All About Spring Flowers

All About Spring Flowers

Spring has definitely sprung, and about time too! Sunny weather, warmer temperatures, and most importantly, brighter colours. Nature is blooming in so many ways, so why not take advantage and bring some joy into your home with a beautiful bunch of spring flowers? 


One of the first signs of the spring season is the daffodil; once they start selling bunches in the shops, everyone knows that the sun is coming. As soon as they open, their unique yellow and orange faces reflect the sunshine and even brighten up the rainy days of April showers.

Rice Flower

If spring time brings out the Bohemian in you, rice flowers  are the perfect blossom to suit your style. Otherwise known as Helichrysum Diosmifolium, these popular filler flowers provide romantic touches to any setting, and a volume of pretty, neutral accents to any arrangement.


The tulip is well-known for its huge array of vibrant colours that it brings in mid-spring; blue is the only colour that tulips don’t come in. If you want to brighten up your home to match the spring weather, and create a rainbow inside, most tulips come in mixed bunches. At an affordable price, they are at the top of everyone’s list!


Famously an outside bloom, lavender has an intense colour and scent that needs to be brought inside this spring. Now the sun is out, the buds are flowering and the beautiful hue of purple is covering the fields around us. Introduce nature and the season of spring into your home this year by using lavender in your bouquets.

At The Magic Flower Company, we have a collection of long-lasting flowers that perfectly captures the spirit of spring and the vibrant and vivid colours that it brings. Keep spring alive all year round and browse through our shop today.

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