All About Our Flower Subscription Packages

All About Our Flower Subscription Packages

With a universal love and enjoyment of receiving flowers, there’s no doubt to why the popularity and demand for flower subscription services is taking off. Which is why we have introduced a flower subscription like no other – Magic Flower Quarterly Subscription Packages.

What Makes Magic Flower Subscription Packages Different?

Instead of receiving a bunch of flowers every month or every couple of weeks, you will receive our Magic Flowers every 3 months. This is because they will last longer, meaning they don’t need to be replaced so regularly.

4 deliveries throughout the year, you don’t have to worry about watering them or pruning them, you can just enjoy them around your home. So, get your vases together or treat yourself to some new vessels to put your new Magic flowers in.

What You Get with Each Flower Subscription Package

There are 4 different yearly subscriptions on offer, so you can choose the right one that suits your preferences and style.

Foliage Bunches

All About Our Flower Subscription Packages

A package suited to those who appreciate minimalism and wish to evoke bohemian chic throughout their interior. Our Magic Foliage collection includes Eucalyptus, Solidago and Shallon Leaves, and these all stay fresh, vibrant and bold for months on end. Every 3 months, you will receive a different bunch of Magic Foliage which you can display in your home either on their own or combined with other bunches you receive.

Foliage Bouquet

All About Our Flower Subscription Packages

If you love the look of our foliage Hand Tied Bouquets, then you’ll love our Foliage Bouquet package. Maybe you’ll receive bunches from our collection or maybe you’ll receive a custom bouquet, the possibilities are endless! You’ll be sure to enjoy whatever quarterly package we deliver though, as it will always be filled with fabulous foliage plus other fantastic filler flowers to bring you together with nature.

Deluxe Foliage Bouquet

All About Our Flower Subscription Packages

Like the look of the foliage bouquet package but want it turned up a notch more? Enjoy more voluminous bunches with our deluxe foliage bouquets. Bigger, bolder and even more beautiful, if you’ve got the room for ample foliage and filler flowers, then this is the subscription for you. Or, you could always split every delivery in 2 so you can have 2 arrangements for your home, or even more!

Magic Rose and Foliage Bouquet

All About Our Flower Subscription Packages

Finally, a package that features our renowned Magic Roses! With our Magic Roses and Foliage being combined in a bouquet, you can have a stunning display for your home every 3 months. Using bouquets that you see in our range, or creating new, bespoke arrangements just for your delivery, every package will be a gorgeous surprise. Colourful and effervescent, this flower subscription package is bound to suit everyone.

Magic Flower Subscription Packages – Shop Now

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our website to see what package would be best suited to you and add it to your cart. Or, gift a loved one with an annual subscription to long lasting flowers!

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