A Stress-Free Valentine's Day

To make things easy for you this year, we have comprised a list of the perfect valentine’s gifts that we are certain anyone would love to receive – who wouldn’t want long-lasting flowers? By categorising our Magic Flowers in ascending price range, you can find the perfect pick of the bunch for your partner.


£10 and Under

A single rose is one of the most romantic gestures known to man, but our Magic Roses are even more than that. With one of Premium or Mini Magic Roses, you can make a romantic gesture last up until the next Valentine’s Day. Whether you want a classic red rose or your partner’s favourite colour, you’ll be able to find the right shade from our wide selection and for only £8.95.

A Stress-Free Valentine's Day


£10 - £20

Save rummaging around the cupboards looking for a vase and leave it up to us. With our Table Roses, we offer a shorter stemmed Magic Rose which is displayed in either a porcelain vase or mini milk bottle. No need to panic and think about buying a display unit for your flowers, we only offer two choices and then you checkout – easy!

A Stress-Free Valentine's Day


£20 - £50

Our personalised gift service allows a seamlessly easy experience for you: choose one of our Gift Ideas, write a personal message at the checkout, and your present will arrive with a handwritten message inside. If you prefer an expression of adoration with large rose head, or a lavish reminder to say ‘I love you’ with 6 premium roses, either of these gifts come under your budget of £50, and will be delivered safely and are ready to present instantly.

A Stress-Free Valentine's Day



Our Magic Flower Arrangements are for the people who are willing to spend a bit more, and go above and beyond for their other halves. We have designed these unique bouquets with a mixture of our Magic Foliage and Magic Flowers which are beautiful and long-lasting. All creations come prearranged in the vase they are pictured in and customisation is possible upon request. Contact us to add a personal touch and receive outstanding service as well as excellent value for money.

A Stress-Free Valentine's Day


Be prepared and order your flowers today! With our guaranteed formula, you can order our products and they will still look fresh in time for Valentine’s Day – and months after that! Whether you want to give a small token gesture or an extravagant bouquet, you will find what you need in our shop today.

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